Breath of the Wild is an excellent game, but that doesn't mean the game is perfect. There are a lot of fun situations where the game's physics comes into play. All the strange physics's interaction with the game also can be advantaged to speedrunners, as they can make some glitches become a tool to help them move around the Kingdom of Hyrule. The old method is riding on "statis-launched" trees or objects. The new method is using a head stomp mixed with shield jump to fly around with even greater speed.

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The vast land of Hyrule takes so much time to traverse

This new glitch is called "bullet time bounce" by people from the speedrunning community. To execute this particular glitch, players will have to jump with their back facing the enemy, then perform a shield ride to hit the enemy below with the shield. If the enemy is weak enough or frozen in ice, the game will launch Link forward with amazing speed, enough to fly to any location in Hyrule.

The glitch in action is totally absurd, as we can see in the below gif:

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Bullet Time Bounce glitch in action

The glitch was found out by a group of Chinese players while messing with the game. Afterward, they post a glitches compilation video on the Internet. Another player with the nickname "LegendofLinkk" thinks this particular glitch can be useful to speedrunning and try to find the recreating method. From that point on, the speedrunning community has been trying to implement this glitch to their runs.

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Bullet time bounce is a glitch that requires special conditions and perfect inputs to perform, but it has the potential to save even more times in "Any%" category. That's the reason why the community is trying so hard to perform this glitch consistently.

At the moment, the world record for the "Any%" category of Breath of the Wild is 36m 34s by a player named MrPop1, from the US.

And when this glitch is truly a part of speedrunning Breath of the Wild, who knows how much faster the next world record can be?