Looks like Call of Duty’s developers have decided to join the battle royale genre at last. Based on information leaked by data miners, the mode would be added to the game free of charge, along with up to 10 maps and 200 players support for a single server.

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The 100 players mode "Ground War" is already big, however, Battle Royale mode would double that number.

It seems that Activision has been working on this for a long time, however, as Call of Duty is a paid game, 200 players per map is a rather unrealistic number. While the game is pretty popular, it is nowhere near that level. This huge number of players per map is actually pretty realistic, as the current Ground War multiplayer mode already supported 100 players.

Due to the sheer number of players, the map planned for the Battle Royale mode appears to be way bigger than that of its competitor. The world map, in turn, would contain various “mini locations” based on existing maps in Call of Duty.

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The map would be similar in structure with Call of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale map

There would be some changes to the respawn system as well, with players able to get “respawn tokens” to revive dead teammates. Those respawned with tokens would be placed in a “gulag” area in which they would have to fight 1 vs 1 with one another to be revived. The Gulag would be closed after a certain period of time has passed.

Similar to the usual Call of Duty Experience, the mode would include perks, missions, and support for various squad sizes. “Marking” would be available right from the start.

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200 players in a server would require a much bigger playing field than just the usual PUBG map

There would also be a new resource for the Battle Royale map called “plunder”, which can be gained by completing quests and score kills on enemies. The currency can then be used for various tasks – you can either use them to open a “plunder box” or convert them to EXP using an ATM. According to reports, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the best selling game of 2019 in the US. The first battle pass of the game would be released on December.

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