Frostpunk's survival strategy game released by 11 Bit Studios on PC last April has been highly appreciated and achieved great success. Recently, the developer has just announced the release of Frostpunk: Console Edition for PS4 and Xbox One this summer.

Frostpunk has received a lot of positive feedback since its launch on the PC platform.

Here is some information about the Frostpunk console version published by 11-bit studios:

Brief Introduction

In Frostpunk, players will experience city building, strategy, and survival. The world is surrounded by ice and cold, people have to find ways to survive and every decision made has unpredictable consequences. Frostpunk offers a complex tactical play and fascinating story. It allows players to extend their survival experience on consoles.

The control panels are designed and modified to suit the control system of consoles, players can perform all their abilities and tactics with Frostpunk: Console Edition.

Frostpunk Art
Frostpunk is the first game of society survival.

Detailed Introduction

Frostpunk was nominated for BAFTA best-selling game last year and many other awards in this survival strategy game genre. The game is a simulation of a society trying to survive after a frozen apocalypse. It has received a lot of popularity and success on the PC platform, now the developer has tweaked it to Frostpunk: Console Edition in order to work best on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. And it will be launched later this year.

Frostpunk is finally coming to consoles.

The game has brought a lot of strategic challenges for players along with an extremely rich and fascinating story. It talks about human survival after our planet mysteriously froze, causing human civilization to end and humanity must find ways to adapt to this harshness. You are the ruler of a city and have to manage the population and facilities for citizens to live. All decisions that players make must be calculated and considered carefully because they will have to pay. In addition, you must explore new technologies and frozen landfills to maintain and grow your society. Regardless of whether you are a violent or enlightened ruler, every decision made is not easy because it will greatly affect the people in the city.

The game publisher spent a lot of effort to convert this game to work smoothly on consoles, especially the redesign of the control system. Although 11-bit studios still have some work to do, Frostpunk: Console Edition is also about to be completed and officially released. The intuitive interface is also a very important factor to be cared for players to feel natural when using the controller. Kuba Stokalski, the game's chief designer, said the official release date of the game on consoles has yet to be announced, but it is expected to be available this summer.

Frostpunk: Console Edition includes all the free updates so far on PC. That includes additional customizations, balance adjustments, difficulty settings and The Fall of Winterhome story that will be available in the game when it is released. In addition, future updates and supplement plans have been arranged.

Frostpunk Screenshot 01
Control methods will be tweaked to work smoothly on consoles.

The Main Features

Maintaining Human Survival - The ability to create and maintain are two important factors for success. You must always keep your hope to survive in a harsh situation that can cause human society to perish.

Law and Discipline - A society will grow more steadily if it has definite rules. Build and create the necessary rules for all citizens to comply and shape society.

Consider Every Decision - There will be a lot of decisions for a leader and you will have to think carefully when making a choice because it will affect many others. Frostpunk will offer quite a number of moral challenges for leaders. For example,  will you use child labor when you are lack of human resources? The treatment for the sick and the injured are quite expensive, how will you treat them?

Great Adventures - Expeditions can be risky, but they open up many other opportunities. You can increase your population by saving other survivors outside your area. In addition, there is much other valuable information for you to develop your city better.

Endless Mode - You can experience Frostpunk more deeply than ever with new maps and new mechanisms in endless mode.