In a recent podcast called 'BADNWZ’', the boss of Faze clan, Faze Banks has revealed that they owned a CS:GO skin gambling site, which they used to get money to buy a CS:GO team.

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Faze Banks, the owner of Faze Clan, admitted that he ran a gambling site to earn money

Since skins in CS:GO can be traded between 2 players, gambling sites can be operate using bots to distribute items for betting. This is kind of a gray area in CS:GO as skins are just digital items with no real value. So Faze Banks along with several other people opened a CS:GO gambling site to make money because they “weren’t making enough money to buy a CSGO team,” which, according to him will cost "a million dollar".

Faze Csgo Playing Broky Esl One New York
It cost Faze Banks 1 million dollars to buy a CS:GO team and now Faze Clan is one of the best team in the world

Still, they had to go a very long way to make the site legal. Faze went all the way to Antigua, an island in the Caribbean, where you can legally own a gambling site as long as you have the paper.

“We flew there private, sat down with the guy who runs the country and basically paid him a hundred thousand dollars and he gave us the license,” 

Faze Clan
Faze Clan members promoted a gambling site called CS:GO Wild BETA in 2016

Faze Banks admitted that the website made around $200,000 a day for him during that time. After a few months of running the site, they shut it down and the rest is history. Faze Banks never disclosed the name of the gambling site, the site's name might be 'CS:GO Wild BETA’, the same that all Faze Clan members were promoting back in 2016.

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