CS:GO unexpectedly become free for all and included a new mode named Danger Zone last Thursday. As a result, the game received a not-so-good reaction: more than 14,000 negative reviews flooded the game's Steam page only last Friday. This number of negative reviews in one day for CSGO is even bigger than that of any whole month since the review system was added by Steam in 2013.

Csgo Negative Reviews
The number of negative reviews for CS:GO has its peak on December 7.

A large portion of these uncontented reviews is toward the game is free, not the Danger Zone mode. It seems like that a lot of players who have purchased the game before feeling unfair that now it is free for all. Others were seeking after to a greater degree a reward, something more appreciated than the loyalty badge they got for having obtained the game preceding December 6—at least some exclusive items. Many are persuaded that making the game free will lead to a rising in numbers of hacks and cheats. Some players even decided that they want to get back the money they have paid to buy the game.

Csgo Loyalty Badge
The loyalty badge players get for purchasing the game before it was switched to free,

Still, a lot of negative reviewers disagree with the Prime system's change. Already, this system was restricted to only players who had added an authentic mobile phone number to their profiles and had sufficiently played to accomplish Rank 21. Presently, any individual who had obtained CS:GO before the change to a free game has been rewarded to Prime.

The negative reviews are inevitable, yet they are not everything. On the same day, CS:GO also received more than 7,000 positive reviews, and the number of pinnacle simultaneous players is the most astounding in the entire year. As is frequently the situation, Steam's users' reviews don't generally fill in as informative advice of a game's advantages and disadvantages but rather as an approach to flag disappointment with some changes to the game made by its developer.