Today, there is a whole new gameplay trailer of the upcoming Devil May Cry V, which showcase more details about the third playable character of the game, V. Along with that, the trailer also showed us a surprising relationship between Dante and V. In this trailer, we can see that V is no fan of Dante at all, and even want him to die.


"Dante... If only you never exist!" - V said, before trying to stab the Sparda Sword into Dante.

You can see this gameplay trailer on the video below:

With the appearance of V as the third playable character, the game has offered players a whole new playstyle choice. V is the set-play type of character, with almost no offense power on his own. However, he can summon different beasts into battle to fight for him.

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Screen 2

According to Devil May Cry V main website:

V’s combat potential is practically nonexistent, so he relies on these demons to lay waste to his foes—Shadow for close combat, and Griffon for ranged attacks. Once these two deal enough damage, it’s up to V to put his enemies to rest with his trusty cane.

  • Shadow: This demon familiar usually takes the form of a quadruped beast, only to shapeshift into blades, needles, and all manner of nasty weapons to act as the vanguard. Through Shadow, V can also move at faster speeds than normal.
  • Griffon: This avian monstrosity can always be found somewhere around V, usually flapping its beak with some inappropriate jab. Griffon brings the thunder with electrified long-range attacks or can give V a lift if close by.
  • Nightmare: V can unleash his full power to call upon this gargantuan demon. When summoned, Nightmare may crash onto the battlefield like a meteorite, or burst through parts of the environment to heed the call. Its sluggish movements belie unsurpassable strength and nigh-invulnerability. Wherever Nightmare appears, its massive fists or brutal laser beams are the last thing enemies ever see.

Devil May Cry V will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, starting from March 8th, 2019.