The publisher 1C Entertainment and the developer Layopi Games has announced their upcoming double-A title: Devil's Hunt. And to mark this announcement, they also released the first trailer of the game, showing the story and the actions of the main protagonist.

However, after the first look of the trailer and the introduction, I can definitely call Devil's Hunt as a Devil May Cry clone. Let's watch the trailer first, and get into how this game is similar to the famous franchise from Capcom later:

The story of Devil's Hunt

The conflict between good the evil, light and darkness, Angels and Demons has been the concept of many novels, movies, and video games. Taking the settings from the original novel "Equilibrium" of Pawel Lesniak, Devil's Hunt follows the same concept as well.

Our normal world is now the battlefield of the Angels and Demons, and there is one person who can tilt the whole scale. He's Desmond - a human (a rich one, in fact) who has the power of the Demons. From the luxurious and enjoyable life of a son of a rich businessman, Desmond is dragged into the wars between the demons and the angels.

Devils Hunt A Stylish Combo Based Game Unlocks Its
Desmond is the main protagonist of Devil's Hunt

Hence, he can't find a place for himself here, and the unexpected tragedy is making him lose his human parts. With his demonic powers, he's both the destroyer and savior standing in the human's side, punching and clawing hards to decide where his place is.

Gameplay features

The story of Devil's Hunt is already bringing some vibes of the Devil May Cry titles, and its gameplay is even more similar.

The first noticeable thing is that Desmond has a flaming arm containing the demon's power. With that, he can stroke his hand through his enemies' bodies, as well as blowing some powerful punches. The battles in Devil's Hunt take place in third-person perspectives, in which you'll have to mix your skills to perform satisfying combos. Further grinding, you'll have chances to unlock more attacks, adding more depth to your combos.

Devil's Hunt A Stylish Combo Based Game Unlocks Its
Desmond can use his demonic hand to punch down the enemies

Furthermore, Desmond is human as well, and his human form is not weak at all. In fact, both human form and demon form has its unique skills, which you'll have to mix to keep your enemies unable to fight back. The developer also confirms that there are environment interactions, in which you might punch your enemies to a wall and see them bounce back to you.

Devils Hunt A Stylish Combo Based Game Unlocks Its
He can slash the demon down with his blade in Human form

Last but not least, Devil's Hunt features an intriguing story. To be more specific, the story in the original novel will be portrayed through nearly 100 HQ cutscenes, which accounts for almost 2 hours of satisfying contents.

Release date and pricing

Devil's Hunt will launch for PC through Steam and GOG on September 17, which is tomorrow! The game's original price is $34.99, but there will be a 10% discount lasting during the initial launch week.

Devils Hunt A Stylish Combo Based Game Unlocks Its
Devil's Hunt is officially out tomorrow!