Mars - First son of Heaven - the God of War - has arrived and ready to join the battle of DOTA 2!

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Mars - the newest hero of DOTA 2

This is a durable, disabler, initiator, melee, and carry type of characters. He spent a life-long waging endless war and saw countless more crusades. Just like his father, Mars indulged his basest impulses - inclinations much more monstrous than those of Zeus. However, that day came on which the war for its own sake was no longer enough to satisfy Mars' desire. As the Fates would have it, his solution came easily: he must wage war for a bigger purpose, and inspire more than mere savagery and sorrow at the sight of his crest. He finally decided to impersonate his birthright, refute the pantheon of the old age, and head to the Ancients' battle.

Mars' Abilities

Spear of Mars

The first ability to be mentioned is the Spear of Mars. Throwing his mythical spear, Mars damages every enemy that the spear attacks. In addition, Once an impaled hero comes against a building, cliff, or tree, he will be skewered with it and blackout.

God Rebuke

Using his shield, Mars smashes his front enemies, hits them backward, and damages them with an integral strike based on the assault. Infused with True Strike, his attack boosts extra base damage while hitting heroes.


Bulwark is Mars' third ability. When get hit from the front or sides, Mars' massive shield is used to clog a part of every physical attack.

Arena of Blood

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Mars' ultimate skill

The last and the most calamitous ability of this God is none other than Arena of Blood. He recalls an arena infested with the Ash Legion's undead warriors, who block enemies' movement and attacks. Nearby enemy heroes will get attack by spears, causing damage and hitting them back.

It seems like Mars will become a force of power and fury in Dota 2. Feeling the heat yet? Give him a try and let's spread the mayhem!