Watch Dogs: Legion is a Ubisoft’s dystopian London action hacking take place in an open world in the near-future. This sequel is likely to become the deepest as well as the most ambitious title in the franchise. However, this game seems to be missing something very important: actual dogs. Clint Hocking had an interview with IGN’s Brian Altano in a E3 2019 Live show. “There are no dogs in the game because if you’re gonna play as anyone, we would have to be able to support playing as a dog, because that’s only fair.” shared the creative director of this new title.

The new title brings a significant new feature to the franchise. In this game, players have to fight against the oppressive regime Albion, which utilizes futuristic technology to control everyone. In order to succeed, players can “control anyone” and get their support for the resistance.

Watch Dogs Legion Albion Street
You can control any one in the game

However, it remains unknown if the dogs in the game would support or protest against this fight for freedom. Therefore, this time, players must settle on handling millions of distinct human players in lieu.

Since the original title of the franchise didn’t have dogs. Therefore, dog lovers felt greatly excited when they found out there would be dogs in Watch Dogs 2. They even got more intrigued to know they could also pet them. However it appears that this sequel of Watch Dog will be “dog-less” like its original version even though having dogs will give this game huge advantages in any given category.

Watch Dogs Legion D779
But there won't be any dogs

Those who look forward to seeing dogs at the E3 2019 will now need to settle on the stage appearance of Jon Bernthal from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint where he brought along his pitbull called “Bam Bam” on stage.

The 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo has just been started. Many are expecting to see certain dogs appearing in video games throughout the show. However, it looks like the biggest game containing the word “dogs” in its title will not have any dogs in it.