As confirmed by Epic Games' Tim Sweeney, the company will not revive the Unreal Tournament series. No new games, no remakes. That's it. Unreal Tournament has reached its ultimate end.

This news is not a huge surprise - considering the company's great success with Fortnite. The Battle Royale phenomenon has captured the hearts of so many gamers, brings a large amount of money back to Epic Games, which leads to Epic Games' focus on the title. Along with that is the preparation for their digital game store to take on Steam, so there are not many resources left for a project like Unreal Tournament.


"Unreal Tournament remains available in the store but isn't actively developed," Sweeney said in an interview. This answer was a change in message from two months ago when Epic admitted: "the game was not making much progress but was still in the works."

For quite a long time, the new Unreal Tournament hadn't seen much progress. Initially announced back in 2014 as a project Epic would work on over time with input from its community, Unreal Tournament initially only treated us to glimpses of what it might have eventually become. The project showed its first high-textured map in 2015 and three other maps in 2016.


However, in 2017, Epic was still referring to the game as a "pre-alpha" version, even when they have experimented with new features such as a Capture the Flag/Assault mashup named Flag Run.

It is understandable that Epic stopped their attempt to recreating the series' arena-based frag-happy gameplay for a new audience. They already have the biggest audience in the world, with the great success of Fortnite all over the globe.

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But gamers might not have much time to frown upon the cancelation of Unreal Tournament, especially when Fortnite Season 7 will officially available starting from tomorrow. The new Season will bring winter to Fortnite, along with a new creative mode where players can create their own playground.