Epic Games have seen some users who are too excited to take advantages of their mega sale events. Consequently, they've introduced a kind of quota that prevents players from buying too much game in a short amount of time.

Epic Games would ban users if they bought too many games to fast

Epic Games have hosted their own summer sale called "Epic Mega Sale" to compete with its rival - Steam. The sale featured a lot of juicy cuts for various titles, so it attracted a lot of players who want to play their long-awaited games for a reasonable cost.

Steam also regularly hold a summer sale event every year
Steam also regularly hold a summer sale event every year

However, they will not tolerance users fraudulently taking advantages of their sales.

Patrick Boivin – a Twitch streamer was not the first one to encounter the system’s ban, and potentially not the one that wants to commit excessive fraud, but he’s the one that provides some information about the case.

Recently, Patrick has posted a post on his Twitter, announcing that his account was banned from making any further purchase. In the statement, he claimed that he has just bought five games during the sale, and ultimately, that was enough for him to be blocked from making any further purchase.

It was due to the solution from Epic to stop people from fraud. It will judge users’ purchasing action including the amount of payment they’ve made, and the time between every purchase to assess that whether the player is trying to take fraudulent advantages from their sale or not.

Players will receive bans from Epic Games if they are deemed
Players will receive bans from Epic Games if they are deemed "fraud"

The system is quite essential during the sale. However, the estimation process might not have been working as they expected, leading to some mistakenly banned accounts.

Nick Chester – senior PR for Epic has explained about the fraud prevention system:

“This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules,” and that “If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate.”

About Epic Games' mega sale

The “Epic Mega Sale” event was a marketing campaign from a newcomer to improve the brand’s awareness. And since it is ‘marketing,’ Epic will not make any financial profit from the sale-off, at least for now.

However, the costs won’t be the problem for Epic, since it has gained a lot of profit from its famous title Fortnite Battle Royale. Additionally, after the events, people will be aware of another digital storefront apart from the infamous Steam.

The sale event will not directly brings money to Epic
The sale event will not directly bring money to Epic

Nonetheless, the sale has faced some significant issues, including some developers pulling their game from the store after their games’ prices were altered, such as Borderland 3.

The Epic Mega Sale will last until June 13th, so be sure to look for your favorite games and purchase them for sweet prices.