Just like how it usually is every now and then, the ESRB seems to have recently revealed a brand new game earlier than the game’s official announcement. This time is the GOTY version of acclaimed Hack 'n Slash game Nier: Automata.

We found out that on the official website of The Entertainment Software Rating Board, there is a page exclusively for NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition. The page has just gone live for only a while. From the way the developers used words to build up the title of the game, we can anticipate that this is going to be the Game-of-the-Year edition of the most popular and positively received games in 2017.

You can experience amazing combats with many types of monsters

The information uploaded on the page also shows that this new version of the game NieR: Automata is going to be available on both PS4 as well as PC, however, there is no mention about the Xbox One platform.

Traditionally, just like any other game of the year editions of the famous, well-received games, there is a considerably high chance that this very version of NieR: Automata will consist of all the bonus content which the game’s developers added to it after the official release.

Many powerful bosses are waiting for you

It is also worth noting that the game had a piece of downloadable content titled 3C3C1D119440927. That piece of DLC included many new costumes as well as boss fights. In spite of the fact that NieR: Automata had a noticeable lack of the other new in-game content which arrived after the launch, it is likely that the game’s new edition might bring its player even more things to do while playing the game.

Enjoy the game with many different levels

Note that whenever rumor has it that ESRB actually leaks any of its games, the track record of those rumors getting proven as a real thing is really close to perfection. We’ll try our best to keep you informed in the next few days, or even weeks, should we have any further information about this game from Platinum Games and Square Enix.