A few weeks ago, ARIKA suddenly revealed a trailer of their fighting game, Fighting EX Layer, which hints the appearance of a PC version later this year. And today, through an official announcement via social media, the release date of the PC version has been set at November 29th and will be distributed through the Steam Store.

Fighting Ex Layer Listingthumb 01 Ps4 Us 31may2018

Fighting EX Layer is considered the spiritual successor of the Street Fighter EX series, which was also produced by ARIKA. Although Fighting EX Layer was made with no involvement from CAPCOM, so all the Street Fighter characters will absent from this game. But this game still retains their unique characters that made their debut in Street Fighter EX, like Hokuto, Skullomania, or Hayate.

Fighting EX Layer Trailer.

This game features almost all basic features of a 2D fighting game, with a little "twist". This twist comes from the "Gougi System", where players can equip special decks which can activate special abilities during battles. These abilities can be super armor, which nullifies knockback when hit, or higher chip damage, or even invisibility.

Fighting Ex Layer Character Selection Screen Feb20

Also, Fighting EX Layer can also be a friendly game with those who are new to the fighting scene, via 2 different kinds of input. The simple kind will let players perform special moves with a single press of buttons, and wider time frame to connect special moves into combos. The original kind of input will behave like all the other fighting games, which requires players to execute a command to do special moves and combos.

Fighting Ex Layer November2017 Screenshot9

The PC version of this game will feature 18 playable characters, with all the updates and DLC from the console version available on Day 1. The price for this game is $40, although PC players can get a special discount of 25% on the first week after the release date.

Fighting EX Layer is currently available on PS4.