In the recent interview with Weekly Famitsu, director of the Final Fantasy VII Remake title Tetsuya Nomura has revealed us with some details about his next RPG title. Tetsuya Nomura even confirmed some information about the controversial features in the title.

Tetsuya Nomura Was A Character Designer Not A Stor
Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Final Fantasy VII remake

Weekly Famitsu is a physical magazine in Japan, and although it does not have a digital record of the interview, website Ryokutya2089 has posted the key points of the interview in Japanese, and we have the translation right here for you:

Among all the above things, there are 2 points about content that we should take notice of. The first point is about The Honey Bee Inn.

Screenshot 1
Honey Bee Inn in the original Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know or have forgotten, the Honey Bee Inn was a brothel (or whorehouse) with a bee-theme in the game. This cathouse belongs to Don Corneo - a huge gangter. After discovering that he is a Shinra informant, Tifa tries to enter this inn (knowing that Don Corneo has a lot of girls to “serve” him). But Cloud does not know about that, thus believing that Tifa is actually in danger. And then Cloud disguises as a girl to enter the Inn too. Cloud later on even ends up in a hot tub, surrounded by muscular and gay-looking men.

According to the words of Tetsuya Nomura, this event and perhaps the whole Honey Bee Inn will have some changes in the remake title, but we don’t know how it will be for sure, partly because the word “more modern” has a lot of grey areas. Right now, Japan has not permitted prostitution, although there are a lot of legal hotels and inns for loving couples.

Imagine scenes like this in the Final Fantasy VII remake title

The second point that worths discussing is about Tifa Lockhart’s design.

Originally Tifa's breasts would be this big in the Final Fantasy VII remake title

There have been changes in the official artwork and the in-game model of Tifa Lockhart character. Fans want larger breasts, but Sony is pressured by a lot of individuals and organizations, so this company will be stricter with its censoring policy so that its content can meet the “global standards”. This explains the changes in the breast size of Tifa and the “more modern” Honey Bee Inn. In a really sensitive world like today, Sony has to be careful and tries to cover as much skin of the characters as possible, or else there would be some messy stuffs, like a petition, happen (and no one wants that to be honest).

You can clearly see Tifa's breast size has been dramatically reduced

Nevertheless, Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020.