Fortnite gamers were happy thinking that they were, at last, get away of the title's overwhelmed Infinity Blade when it has no longer existed 3 days before- yet they weren't right. In spite of being hidden in ice, the sword's otherworldly powers still exist.

Fortnite Infinity Blade

Numerous Redditors and Tweeps have found out a bug which causes the Infinity Blade's crushing effect strangely returns and chases after them everywhere they go. It resembles a guardian - with the exception of one which decimates anything they try to construct, keeping you from shielding themselves from enemy's fire.

It's unknown how the bug is triggered, yet it appears to have happened after Fortnite's newest update, which revealed just a couple of days ago. Albeit the greater part of the revealed cases demonstrate this bug showing up on PCs, a couple has additionally shown its appearance on PlayStation 4. However, it's still an interesting glitch and can surely make the game much more appealing.

Fortnite's newest patch appears to have a bigger number of issues than the others - and that truly means something, as the game is famous for getting new issues with each update. Fortnite's Save the World mode has been altogether incapacitated to enable Epic Games to explore different problems, while the primary BR mode is experiencing an assortment of exceptionally noticeable bugs and errors.

Some of the craziest glitches in the games.

Numerous players are revealing issues with being failed under the map, especially when they are in an airplane or around Polar Peak - here and there both.

Epic Games is evidently investigating the number of bugs and issues with server execution. A Redditor has conveniently arranged a rundown of the revealed bugs up until this point.

Alongside the odd bugs, Fortnite's most recent update carries Christmas joy with embellishments for airplanes, lights for trees, slide-on-snow vehicles, and a new event. This may encourage players to accept new challenges and win the prizes, and there will be also changes to the Limit-Time mode.

Good news, Epic Games has likewise presented a harm punishment for the game's airplanes, which hadn't damaged passengers when they crashed before. This may help the game more realistic. However, some of the new features players were waiting for are delayed regard of the number of reported issues in the game.

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