The more popular Fortnite becomes, the more potential the fraud problems are. It’s said that one of the most prominent tricks scammers use is getting free V-Buck. Malwarebytes Labs has already delivered a recent report showing the facts that scammers can steal all of your data by leading game players into typical low-level surveys designed on the same platform, the same images and icons as the real one, which can easily force us to download the fake game.

Thanks to the great interest of users with the Fortnite game, many games and guides have begun to take advantage of the impatience of Android users with incredibly fake fingertips across Google and YouTube. By clicking into the links getting V-bucks for free, perfect Fortnite copies which never become materialized on Android came out. Most of the copies are designed with familiar contents and images that encourage Fortnite fans to voluntarily give their information to the scammers. This is seen as the pretty common fraudulent attempt for the game in fever, but unpublished yet.

Just searching on Youtube, there are various of links mentioning "Fornite Aimbot | Fornite Hacks | Undetected | Season 6 | ESP, Aimbot + Look ESP Free Download!" and so on. Simply clicking the link led to a page on Sub2Unlock. After digging into the Sub2Unlock, players are required to approach another social site rather than introducing them how to fill out the survey. This social site is as a fairly spectacular page designed using the cheating tools. And of course, to download the game, players need to a number of clicking rounds.

To be more specific, Malwarebytes explained that at first, there was an .EXE file at about 168KB running on the target system, and doing some specific fundamental investigation, especially targeted to the infected computer. After that, it tries to steal your computer data by sending them via the IP address 5(dot)101(dot)78(dot)169 including an /index.php file through a POST command in the Russian Federation. More remarkably, scammers often show their interest in the browser session, cookies, Bitcoin wallets and also Steam sessions.

Chỉ vì nóng lòng muốn chơi Fortnite trên Android, nhiều người mắc phải bẫy lừa đảo

On the other hand, the remaining files which are seen in the site during the investigation are completely stored in totally distinguished methods despite the well-known .exe file.

This subject is not first seen, and you’re not alone, though, it still probably causes a couple of damages for users when digging into these links. Plus, with the extremely high popularity of Fornite at the moment, it can be fully understood that Fortnite is the target for scammers to take advantages of for the theft of computer data.

Chỉ vì nóng lòng muốn chơi Fortnite trên Android, nhiều người mắc phải bẫy lừa đảo

Epic Games widely promised to publish new Fortnite on Android in the upcoming time after it was released on the IOS platform. This announcement was taken advantages of by phishing scammers to deliver a new round of malicious ware attacks, which can be more destructive. Moreover, according to Mr. Tyler Reguly from Tripwire cybersecurity company, the more popular Fortnite is, the more people are truly its victims.

Reguly gave more explanation that there was news on as well as Kaspersky Lab last week showing that nearly 60,000 computers were found with more than 250,000 infection attempts when users were trying to master Game of Throne and the Walking Dead. Whereas, Fortnite is becoming more and more well-known in the global gaming industry. It’s just the game defeating the popularity as a TV show, as well. Just for last year, 2.8% of Twitch.TV users followed to see other gamers to play Fortnite, but until now, that figure reaches 12.8% already, which makes Fortnite the most favorite game seen on Twitch.TV. It can be clearly proved by nearly 10,000 active subscribers on average, 140,000 active followers, and total 103 Million watching hours.

With all of these numbers, Fortnite is now greatly outstripping other games of the same platform. However, the more popularity the game gains, the worse the data-stealing matter can get