The creative minds of Fortnite have been busy since the launch of the game's creative mode. And Cizzorz is one of those people.

But while other players busy making maps as a tribute to their favorite movies or classic Counter-Strike maps, Cizzzorz have a different goal. He wants to create an obstacle course that can break people's minds.


Cizzorz's map features 9 sections of pure platforming and navigation challenges. This maps is described as a deathrun map and is an insanely difficult map that most people can't finish. However, due to a growing prize pool for the player with the fastest time before 2019, some players are fighting through the pain.

You can see the map in the below video:

Creative mode is the third playable mode of Fortnite, alongside Save the World (PVE) and Battle Royale (PVP). As the expanded version of Playground mode, players can create their own world inside the game with the Creative mode. You can fly around the world and place elements within the "playground" like Minecraft, but without having to collect all the resources. All the pre-made scenery elements, props, and assault courses can be plopped down onto the map. You can also place chests or llamas, and set up your mini-games using various interactive elements.

At the moment, even the pro players haven't had any luck clearing this map. Vivid gave up on level six after 17 hours and donated $500 to the prize pool, while Svennoss has been throwing himself at the course for over 14 hours, most recently getting through level eight of the run.


Of course, as there is a prize, there are a few rules, too. No building, no glider redeployment, no editing, and no breaking structures. You'll also need to record yourself finishing all courses in one consecutive run and submit the footage to Cizzorz to be able to receive the prize.

Currently, there is only one person who has finished the course, with a record of 7 minutes and 43 seconds.

If you want to try this map, you can head to the creative mode, walk up to a rift, and enter this code to load up the island: 0940-9970-7913.

Good luck, because you gonna need a lot of luck.