When you were kids, you probably had thousands of games at home, they were one of the few tools your parents had to keep you entertained. But games are not only for children, they are also a good way to create connections with other people or to spend time when there is nothing to do, and something as simple as distance cannot ruin it thanks to games to play on Zoom.

games to play on zoom
Video conferencing is now even more popular as a gaming venue nowadays

The boss's favorite tool in the home office, Zoom (aka that video conferencing app that forces you to dress well even when you're not leaving the house), is also a good resource to keep in touch with your friends, and even try out games to play over Zoom, not only spying on your photos on Instagram. But how to play games on Zoom you ask? Well here's how.

By having the video option, Zoom gives you the opportunity to see and hear other people, and that's all you need to stay busy, entertained and have fun even on those weekends when you can't or don't want to talk a walk and leave your house (take that, quarantine!). And that's where the games to play on Zoom meeting come in.

Clearly, not all games to play on Zoom call can work, but there are 12 in particular that you can try, and that is a lot of fun (although you're going to have to trust that your friends aren't cheating behind the camera). Start your Game Night with these games to play on Zoom with friends (or to keep your kids busy):

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Games to play on Zoom (1/5)

1. The classic questionnaire

Being able to share a presentation from your computer, including music, means that you can basically run a questionnaire very easily, with the advantage of being able to reach many people at the same time. It's great for 15-20 people on different teams to get involved, so don't be afraid to think big!

games to play on zoom
With the right software people can connect and play trivia and questionnaires no problems

2. Pictionary

This game is about guessing phrases only with images, the person who is going to draw chooses a phrase, but cannot write it, but has to draw a picture that represents that phrase. Players have 30 seconds to guess what it is and the winner is the one who manages to guess the most.

Games to play on Zoom (2/5)

3. Trivia

This game is about asking questions about popular culture, history, cinema, etc…, and it is a little difficult to team up when people are not in the same place, so each person is their own team and the winner is the one who has the most correct answers. To avoid chaos, they must take turns and others can only try to respond when the previous person fails.

4. Charade & 5. Read my lips

Whether it's acting out a phrase using your whole body for others to guess, or turning off the microphone and saying something for others to try to figure it out, these two games are easy to play and the best part is that you don't need anything more than a camera.

Games to play on Zoom (3/5)

6. Truth or Dare

We've all played it and know what it's all about, the game is choosing between answering a personal and potentially humiliating question truthfully or agreeing to do a fun challenge instead. Creativity is going to make this more fun.

games to play on zoom
A lot of classic board games can be played on Zoom as well

7. Dungeons & Dragons

This game became popular again thanks to Stranger Things and since it doesn't have a board, you can play it anywhere. The game allows you to carry out different heroic missions and the best part is that the same players can design their own boards and only the "game master" needs to have it, so others can play without their own, they only need dice to be able to roll each turn.

Games to play on Zoom (4/5)

8. Quiplash

This game is very easy and there are no wrong answers, it is about asking a question of any kind and each person has to answer with the first thing that comes to mind when listening to all the answers, the others must vote to choose the most fun answer and the winner has the most best answers.

9. Two truths, one lie & 10. 20 questions

These games to play on Zoom are good to get to know your friends a little better, the first is that each person says two things that are true and one that is a lie and the others must try to guess which is true. The second is to have a list of 20 questions that become more difficult or personal (such as what did you eat for breakfast today or who is your crush).

games to play on zoom
You can play certain online games while being able to see others' faces

Each person rolls the dice and the one with the lowest number must answer first. The idea is to start with the simplest questions and advance to the most complicated and awkward ones as the game progresses.

Games to play on Zoom (5/5)

11. Last letter

This is a game of movies, songs, and other categories. The first thing you should do is choose one and say the first name that comes to mind, the next person should use the last letter of the word or phrase to say the one that follows and so on until someone can't respond, then he is eliminated and the game continues until only one person remains.

12. Which would you rather...?

This is a classic, it is about presenting two scenarios or possibilities, and forcing the person to make a decision on one or the other. They can be very innocent such as which would you rather have the strength of Superman or the gadgets of Batman? Or more extreme like which would you rather eat your dog or your neighbor?

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