Axiom Verge, a great game from Tom Happ

Axiom Verge, a very famous Metroidvania style game which was released back in 2015. The game is available on almost all the main platform: OS X; Linux;  PC; Nintendo Switch and PS4. The latest new that is it will be free for you to grab on Epic Games Store from the 7th till the 21st of February 2019.

Go Grab Axiom Verge Because It Will Be Free On Epi
Boss fight

Axiom Verge was developed by Tom Happ from Thomas Happ Games - obviously a small independent studio. In the game, you will play as a scientist Trace who happens to find himself in a mysterious ancient world. Axiom Verge is an adventure action side scroller game with many heavy actions and exploration features. In the game, there will be more over than 60 power-ups and items which add great variety to the game. The gameplay of Axiom Verge was inspired a lot by classical titles such as  Bionic Commando, Blaster Master, Contra, and Metroid.

The plot of Axiom Verge

Trace is a scientist who works on research about alien life form. One day, an accident happens in the laboratory where he worked, a pressure valve got frozen then exploded which knocked Trace out. After that he found himself in the strange world of Sudra, then he met Elsenova, a Rusalki, titan war machine of the alien civilization. Elsenova asked for Trace's help to stop Athetos, the villain scientist who seeks out to destroy the Sudrans.  Then Trace began his quest to explore Sudra to restore power to Elsenova, but then there is a huge twist - Athetos and Trace, they are one person.

Go Grab Axiom Verge Because It Will Be Free On Epi
Trace's adventure

Upon its release, Axiom Verge has received many good reviews from both the public and critics. It was praised for its amazing secrets featured, boss battles, control,  weapons,  upgrades. Gathered data from the 2 big ranking websites Metacritic and GameRankings showed that the game got 84%  for the PS4 version.

Like Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, What Remains of Edith Finct, and many games before, once you have downloaded Axiom Verge, you will get to keep it for free.