Since its announcement, Google Stadia has not made a big splash as Google's other products. After all, the selection of games on the cloud service is just too insufficient for it to be big. And the reason behind the lack of games has been Google's stinginess with spending money on development.

google stadia games
The service had a lot of promise at first but doesn't look like it now

Many game developers have said that they avoided making games for Stadia. And it's all because Google was not offering them enough monetary incentives. The amount of money Google offers game developers is, according to an executive at a publishing company, "so low" that it's not worth bothering with.

Google Stadia having major difficulties

Meanwhile, other companies with their own platforms like Microsoft and Epic often make hefty offers to attract game developers. And we definitely see the high number of games and level of quality from those two. Whereas with Stadia, one indie dev revealed that the financial incentives are "kind of non-existent".

google stadia games
The current library of games just isn't enough to get gamers excited

Stadia as of now only has 28 games ready to stream to your device. Google announced previously to have over 100 games on their new video game streaming platform, but this revelation tells a different story. If game devs are not on board with making games for Stadia, the future of the service seems bleak and Google might have to pull the plug in the long-term.

Google Stadia has had many difficulties since its launch in November 2019. Gamers are not coming over to the service or giving it a try. The library is, as explained, quite modest in number, in addition to pre-order issues, the games being the older versions instead of updated, and so on.

google stadia games xcloud
And against Project xCloud by Microsoft, Google Stadia probably doesn't stand a chance

Some new and exciting games are still coming to Stadia like Doom Eternal this year. But the long-term future of the service doesn't look optimistic if the gaming service is not featuring enough games.

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