Because we get a bunch of special fans out there, who always strive for the official launch of a new game and almost all related stuff, fan-made trailers have started to float upon the Internet as a way of showing their love to what they’re waiting for. If you're here for a GTA 6 trailer, you're on the right way.

While millions of players across the globe are still looking forward to the arrival of GTA VI installment, some fans already come up with their own trailers for the on-the-go game. Let’s see how they could take your breath away!

Gta 6 Trailer 1
Gta 6 Trailer 2
The popular GTA series is a telling example when it comes to fan-made trailers.

1. GTA 6 trailer with adventure sports

This trailer is simply made out of footage from GTA V’s game engine along with multiple sports and racing games. No need to say, it actually brings GTA fans a brand-new experience as adventure sports like skiing is yet to be part of any GTA versions.

As the trailer suggested, GTA VI is expected to enable such a side activity as soon as possible. Aside from that, this trailer has captured one of the best aspects of GTA games: the vehicles.

2. GTA 6 trailer with Rockstar-styled concept

This fan-made trailer appears to be the most thematically consistent one when it comes to the motif of an actual GTA trailer. It successfully mimics the way Rockstar has done with the GTA lineup, from a great soundtrack to dialogue-heavy with eccentric characters.

Another plus point in this trailer is the old-school GTA logo, which looks like a callback to the history of GTA games.

3. GTA 6 trailer with most praise from fans!

This GTA trailer has resulted in an incredible amount of praise on YouTube thanks to amazing self-produced narrative voice under The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights music background. Featuring the 80s-styled aesthetic, this amusing video stumbles upon a dark story in accordance with high-speed in-game scenes.