Many video games ask us to share your information before playing the game. Sometimes, this question is buried in a long privacy policy which fewer people mind reading and they hit ok to load the game. However, have you ever care about what they will do with your data.

Most people will hit "I agree"

Vox reporter Kaitlyn Tiffany has discussed this matter on one of her articles. She points out that not just video games, other apps on the store can collect your gameplay data. These apps can share your game data with others. It can be Facebook, Google, Twitter or some companies who sell advertising data. Therefore, your device identifier can be tracked across multiple apps and this is against the COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) when many children are playing games every day.

Many games are collecting information on children

We almost agree to share our gameplay data to the developers because we think those are harmless. Moreover, when the developers ask you to share your data to them to make the game better, it is hard to refuse because all we want is to play that game. However, your gameplay data actually can tell a lot about you, especially some games like Pokemon Go which requires people to play every day. MMO games are not an exception. They will know about the people you are playing with and who they are. In addition, your playing styles also is something that can be exploited. There period of time you play every day, the place where you usually play at,….

Pokemon GO is a good example of this topic. This game is all about going to real-life locations and catch Pokemon, take game items and connect with other players. In order to make the game more easier, a tool called “Adventure Sync” is created to track people your footsteps offline. This tool help players don’t have to open the app for a long time to count their walking distance which is used to hatch eggs or receive rewards. To be able to do this, all of it needs to connect to a pedometer. If you don’t allow it connect to the pedometer, you have to open the app every time you walk. They still know your location and your walking steps in this way or that way. Do you mind if someone knows the place you usually go to?

Pokemon GO is tracking our data?

However, there is one technology company affirmed to their user that they never steal user’s data and your data is your own and its Apple. Although there is no trustworthy evidence about this confirmation, at least we know they are doing the right thing

So, its time for you to think more carefully before agreeing to share your data. Who knows what they are going to do with it.