Taking over the place of Minit in the free game category of Epic Games Store this week is Surviving Mars, a simulation game about building a colony on Mars.

Surviving Mars is a game that came from the developers at Haemimont Games and being published by Paradox in 2018. The developers of this game were most known for their Tropico franchise, which is another city building simulator kind of game.

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Build a beautiful colony on the surface of Mars

In Surviving Mars, you are tasked with building a base where the human can live on the surface of Mars. To do so, you have to carefully manage your resources on your hand, planning and building the domes and buildings for your people, as well as pay attention to the resident living there. The game was well-received by the fans of the genre, as it brings a brand new feel on the management gameplay that has already been perfected during the Tropico franchise.

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A screenshot from the game

Along with the main game, both the 'Space Race' Expansion pack and the Marsvision Song Contest DLC Soundtrack are all available for free on Epic Games Store, starting from this week until next Friday.

Also, last week, the developers at Haemimont Games has announced a sequel to Surviving Mars, named 'Surviving the Aftermath', along with a teaser trailer. You can watch the trailer on the video below:

While there are currently no words about the details of the sequel, we know that it will be available next year on PC, with the Early Access version of the game being available on Epic Games Store. But that's only the early access version, as the full game will be available both on Steam and on Epic Games Store.

You can now head to Epic Games Store to claim both Surviving Mars and the 2 DLC packages for free from now until next Friday, October 18th. After that, the next weekly free games from Epic are the two classic titles: Observer and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.