Becoming a seasoned gamer is not just about knowing what is going on right now with the games you have played today and over the last few years. To become a seasoned gamer, you need to know and experience some of the older games that provide the foundations of what is currently available. You could also look at playing different types of games entirely on various devices to give you that full gaming experience.

Know the history of the modern gaming world

Game consoles started off in the 1970s and became an instant hit. This is mainly due to the gaming graphics that were available and also the variety of games that were in production.

Early consoles, such as the Atari 2600, had their games stored on cartridges which had limited storage capacity. Although good and impressive in their day, they are now seen as crude and basic. The consoles that required cartridges were then eventually replaced by consoles that read CDs.

To Become A Seasoned Gamer
Becoming a seasoned gamer is not just about knowing what is going on right now with the games...This meant the ongoing console wars now involved four main competitors, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Sega, and Nintendo. Their struggle to become the best console game provider, at least for some, is still going on today. Of course, console game playing has moved on drastically from the days when you plugged your console into the back of a TV and played the game that you physically had on CD, only playing with friends if the game was multi-player and you had enough controllers for everybody.

Now, you can upgrade your physical games or download games from the internet onto your consoles and play with friends or total strangers online. The graphics are as good as movie sequences in some games, and the storylines are far more creative and captivating than in previous years. Of course, your console still has to be plugged into your TV to play, but this just means that you get a beautifully large screen to appreciate your game graphics on.

Different alternatives to console games

Of course, this can be very limiting, and many people like to play their games while they are away from home, and this is when you will want an alternative to the games console you might normally use. This is OK, and thanks to modern-day technology, you can now play from anywhere you want as long as you have a cell phone and an internet connection.

There are all sorts of different games available to download from the internet straight to your cell phone. Some have amazing graphics, while others are more basic but still perfectly fitting with the style of the game.

To begin with, there are now online casinos that offer video slot games, amongst others. Sites such as go into more detail about how these games can be played and what to expect, as well as provide a valuable introduction to a slot game beginner and helpful information for the seasoned player as well.

Aside from these, you will also find three-of-a-kind matching games are generally quite basic, especially Candy Crush, which requires you to make matches across the game screen. Others, such as the popular RPG games, are a bit more intense and are possibly a closer match to the types of games you might play already.