Although Minecraft 1.20 has not been released yet, players have been able to get a taste of the update's fresh content through the snapshots in Java Edition and the previews in Bedrock Edition. The Trails & Tales update in version 1.20 brings a range of new items that players can discover either by looting or by engaging in the new archeology gameplay, which offers valuable treasures.

Minecraft 1.20 introduces a variety of exciting additions, including pottery fragments that can be transformed into decorative pots, smithing templates, sniffer eggs, and music discs. These new treasures are scattered throughout the game and can be obtained through different methods and in various locations, depending on the specific item.

This article by Gurugamer presents a comprehensive guide on acquiring all the new treasures in the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update.

1. Pottery Sherds

During the development of Minecraft 1.20, the term "pottery shards" was initially used but later changed by Mojang. Currently, they have not been given a new name. Nonetheless, these fragments of ancient pottery can be obtained by creating a brush and using it on suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks, which were specifically introduced to support the new archeology features.

Crafting Recipe Of Decorated Pots In Minecraft
Pottery Sherds

However, the type of sherds players find and the patterns on them depend on the specific location where they discover the suspicious blocks. These sherds can then be utilized in the crafting recipe for a decorated pot block. The appearance of the individual sherds' patterns will be visible on the surfaces of the pot, determined by the number used in the crafting process.

How to unearth pottery sherds in Minecraft 1.20 via archeology

Lucky Minecraft Archaeology Spawn
Archeology related blocks has a higher chance to spawn in deserts
  1. To create a brush in Minecraft 1.20, combine a feather, a copper ingot, and a stick on a crafting table. Proceed to a specific generated structure where suspicious sand/gravel blocks naturally appear.
  2. These locations include warm ocean ruins, desert pyramids, desert wells, cold ocean ruins, and trail ruins. Identify sand and gravel blocks that exhibit slight differences in texture compared to their regular counterparts.
  3. Suspicious sand/gravel blocks in Minecraft 1.20 display more cracks and imperfections on their surface textures.
  4. Equip your brush and hold down the Use Item button on your controller or the right-click button on your mouse. This action will initiate the brushing process on the suspicious block.
  5. After a few seconds, the block will release the loot it contains, and it will revert to its normal state as ordinary sand or gravel.

Where to find each pottery sherd pattern in Minecraft 1.20

  • Angler - Warm ocean ruins suspicious sand
  • Archer - Desert temple suspicious sand
  • Arms Up - Desert well suspicious sand
  • Blade - Cold ocean ruins suspicious gravel
  • Brewer - Desert well suspicious sand
  • Burn - Trail ruins suspicious gravel
  • Danger - Trail ruins suspicious gravel
  • Explorer - Cold ocean ruins suspicious gravel
  • Friend - Trail ruins suspicious gravel
  • Heart - Trail ruins suspicious gravel
  • Heartbreak - Trail ruins suspicious gravel
  • Howl - Trail ruins suspicious gravel
  • Miner - Desert temple suspicious sand
  • Mourner - Cold ocean ruins suspicious gravel
  • Plenty - Cold ocean ruins suspicious gravel
  • Prize - Desert temple suspicious sand
  • Sheaf - Trail ruins suspicious gravel
  • Shelter - Warm ocean ruins suspicious sand
  • Skull - Desert temple suspicious sand
  • Snort - Warm ocean ruins suspicious sand

2. Relic Music Disc

Once again, Minecraft has expanded its collection of playable music discs in the 1.20 update with the introduction of a new disc called "Relic." This disc features a track titled "Relic" composed by Aaron Cherof. As the name implies, players will need to search for this ancient disc in specific locations. To be more precise, players must explore trail ruins structures and utilize brush on suspicious gravel blocks to uncover this unique music disc.

Music Disc In Minecraft 3
Music Disc in Minecraft

The probability of obtaining the disc from suspicious gravel blocks is relatively low, standing at approximately 8.3% chance in Minecraft: Java Edition. However, persistently brushing an ample number of these gravel blocks should eventually lead to players obtaining the desired disc.

How to get the relic music disc in Minecraft 1.20

  1. Just like before, you can create a brush by combining a copper ingot, feather, and stick. Once you have the brush in your inventory, make your way to a trail ruins structure. These structures can be found in jungle, old growth birch forest, pine taiga, spruce taiga, snowy taiga, and standard taiga biomes.
  2. Look for gravel blocks with cracked or hole-ridden textures on their faces. These specific gravel blocks are considered suspicious gravel blocks.
  3. Equip the brush and hold down your right-click or Use Item button until the loot inside the suspicious gravel block is revealed. With some persistence, you should eventually come across the Relic music disc after brushing a few suspicious gravel blocks.

3. Sniffer Eggs

Although acquiring two adult sniffers in Minecraft is not particularly challenging, obtaining the initial sniffer egg can be considered a valuable treasure by some players, as it requires overcoming certain obstacles.

Sniffer Eggs

To be precise, players must brush suspicious sand blocks that can only be found in warm ocean ruins structures to have a chance of obtaining a sniffer egg. Once they successfully obtain one, they can place it down and patiently wait for it to hatch, giving birth to a baby snifflet. Minecraft players can then nurture and raise it until it reaches adulthood. The adult sniffer can be utilized to locate ancient seeds for torchflowers and pitcher plants.

How to get a sniffer egg via archeology in Minecraft

  1. To commence your archeological endeavors, start by crafting a brush using your crafting table.
  2. Search for a cluster of warm ocean ruins. These structures are relatively easy to locate, but if you're open to using commands, you can enter "/locate structure ocean_ruin_warm" in the chat console to obtain the coordinates of the nearest ruins.
  3. Once you've reached the ruins, be on the lookout for suspicious sand blocks that have a distinct texture.
  4. Use your brush on these blocks for a chance to obtain a sniffer egg. In Minecraft: Java Edition, the probability of finding a sniffer egg from suspicious sand is approximately 6.7%. Therefore, you may need to diligently brush multiple suspicious sand blocks in various warm ocean ruins to increase your chances of acquiring one.

4. Smithing Templates

Minecraft 1.20 places great emphasis on customization, and the Trails & Tales update introduces an important element of customization gameplay through the use of smithing templates.

Minecraft Armor Trims
Armor trims

In this update, players have access to a total of 16 smithing templates. Among them, 15 templates serve the purpose of creating decorative trims for armor, while one template specifically upgrades diamond gear to the coveted netherite quality. Obtaining most of these templates is as simple as opening loot chests. However, a few templates will require players to brush suspicious gravel blocks found in trail ruins structures in order to acquire them.

Where to find each smithing template in Minecraft 1.20

  • Netherite Upgrade - Bastion remnant chests
  • Coast Armor Trim - Shipwreck chests
  • Dune Armor Trim - Desert temple chests
  • Eye Armor Trim - Stronghold altar/library chests
  • Host Armor Trim - Suspicious gravel in trail ruins
  • Raiser Armor Trim - Suspicious gravel in trail ruins
  • Rib Armor Trim - Nether fortress chests
  • Sentry Armor Trim - Pillager outpost chests
  • Shaper Armor Trim - Suspicious gravel in trail ruins
  • Silence Armor Trim - Ancient city chests
  • Snout Armor Trim - Bastion remnant chests
  • Spire Armor Trim - End city chests
  • Vex Armor Trim - Woodland mansion chests
  • Ward Armor Trim - Ancient city chests
  • Wayfinder Armor Trim - Suspicious gravel in trail ruins
  • Wild Armor Trim - Jungle temple chests

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