Having the largest map among the 5 installments of the GTA franchise, GTA 5 has a lot of interesting locations for you to explore. From skyscrapers to barren sites, Los Santos offers you a great chance to create chaos in your own way.

In a vast city like that, it’s challenging not to ignore some special locations including the Davis Quartz quarry. If you’re having a problem finding the quarry in GTA 5, here are some simple tricks to spot out the landmark in the shortest time as well as the story behind this location you need to know.

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Where is quarry in GTA 5

In fact, the Davis Quartz quarry in GTA 5 is a quiet location that it’s not easy to notice. However, finding the quarry does not take much effort once you know its exact location. Looking around the San Chianski Mountain Range in Blaine County, San Andreas, you will spot out the quarry right in the east of the Sandy Shore.

The quarry, which seems to be abandoned, is the estate of Merryweather Security Consulting. However, entering a quarry is possible to players.

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The Location of Davis Quartz Quarry in GTA 5

Missions in Davis Quartz quarry

You will need to visit this location in the Bounty Mission offered to Trevor Philips. When seeking the wanted fugitives, players will be suggested to check the quarry.

Another mission in which you have the chance to visit the location is The Big One. Your mission here is to reroute a train and steal it using a helicopter.

Apart from GTA 5, the Davis Quartz quarry is also available in GTA Online in the Quarry Quarry mission offered by Lester Crest. Your mission is to hijacking explosives at the quarry from a crew and bring it to a warehouse.

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