The next update for PUBG Mobile will be released soon, marking the launch of its Beta version. This v0.14.0 features some absorbing changes including a primary upgrade in UI (User Interface), an improvement in the visual effects, changes related to the character system, and the introduction of a brand-new feature called Infection Mode.

It is known that PUBG Mobile already presents two different zombie modes: Zombie Survival Till Dawn and Zombie Darkest Night. These two modes strain players for fighting against both human and zombie, thus managing to become the “last man standing.” Going beyond that, Infection Mode will introduce upgraded gameplay which allows users to experience a zombie life within a 15-minute showdown.

Screenshot 20190220 124919 Pubg Mobile 511b
PUBG Mobile zombie mode: Survival Till Dawn

Infection mode: The new zombie feature

While in Zombie Survival Till Dawn and Zombie Darkest Night mode, players share a common mission of combating the zombies, in Infection mode, they have to participate in a bigger battle. The battle starts as players are randomly divided into two separated groups, one representing the Defender, the other standing for the Zombies.

Pubg Mobile 0 14 Zombie Mode Moi So Huu Co Che Bie
In the Infection mode, players act as the Defenders of the Zombies

Within the restriction of 15 minutes, the defenders must kill as many zombies as possible, transforming them into humans. By contrast, the zombies are tasked to “knock off” humans, which makes them the zombies.

Pubg Mobile 0 14 Zombie Mode Moi So Huu Co Che Bie
Defenders turn into zombies when being killed

When the time’s over, the victory belongs to zombie team if all defenders have been killed, but the defenders win as at least one of them survives.

Pubg Mobile 0 14 Zombie Mode Moi So Huu Co Che Bie
Zombies win as none of the defenders survives

Clearly, that’s so engaging as compared to the previous zombie modes which do not allow party-switching.

Other updates in the upcoming version of PUBG Mobile

In addition to the new mode, PUBG Mobile developer also pays attention to the other elements of the game. PUBG v0.14.0 provides users with some UI redesigns, making it more flexible to set up the custom modes. As for that, the APK size is reduced for more optional packs including the map updates. In the meantime, Resource Expansion Pack is added, containing some rarely used equipment and resources that are downloadable of each player’s choice. These upcoming changes imply PUBG Mobile’s intention of focusing more on personal experience when playing the game.

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The APK size is reduced for more optional packs in PUBG Mobile v0.14.0

Also, the upcoming version of PUBG Mobile is going to introduce the newly developed character system. According to the official announcement, each player takes charge of controlling a character from the beginning, starting with one skill that is only effective within EvoGround. Players can level up the characters and gather progress rewards by playing with them to earn EXP. Customized outfits, voices, emotes, and MVP emotes are also available to “tailor” the characters.