Yesterday the leading manufacturer of PC chip in the world, Intel introduced the 9th Gen Intel Core Mobile CPUs, marking a significant milestone of the company. Moreover, this company was adding new members to the family of desktop processors.

The Intel I9-9980HK processors are targeted at premium laptop customers in the game, namely content makers and gamers. According to Newzoo’s estimation, the number of PC gamers around the world is about 580 million while that of esports’ viewer reaches 400 million. The number of Intel’s targeted customers is also added by 130 million content creators on the PC – base and about 50 million professional and consumer users.

Intel 9th Gen 2
The targeted customers of the new Intel chips

Intel indicated that retail sales of gaming notebook increased by 31% a year during the 2016 – 2018 period, as reported by market researcher GFK/NPD. The company also claimed that the 9th Generation technology belonged to the mighty laptop empire, including but not limited to WiFi, display, modem, Optane flash memory, modem, graphics, memory, and many other kinds of technologies.

The locked 9th Gen Intel chip I9-9880H is for the T&L creator laptops, and when fully unlocked, it is for the sturdy laptops. The 8-core and 16-thread chip can operate at up to 5 GHz. The frame rates also increase by 18% higher, allowing game streaming to run 2.1 times faster frame rates. Additionally, the 4k video editing of the chip accelerates to 28% faster.

Intel 9th Gen 3
All the 9th Gen Core mobile processors by Intel

It is said that the 9th Gen Intel processors have frames rate in the game, game turn time and 4K video editing for content creators respectively increased by 56%, 38% and 54% in comparison with a 3-year-old system. Generally speaking, it has a 33% better performance.

Laptops installed the new Intel chip will not only have faster processors but also have WiFi 6 wireless networking which transfer data at a 3 – time – speedier rate, decrease dormancy by 75% and provides supports for quadrupled devices. The platform also contains Optane Memory H10 with a SSS (solid-state storage) for levels to load 2.29 times quicker or media files to open 1.63 times faster.

Intel 9th Gen 4
Details of the new chips