September 1999 is a found footage horror game from developer 98DEMAKE. It is a perfect game when you only have a short break of time because this game only takes you 5 minutes and 30 seconds to finish.

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Just a normal house, or is it?

The game is very simple. You will play as a character who is wandering around the corridor of a house with a camcorder. The plot is not clear. You don’t know who you are and why you are here or what happened in that house. It is up to your imagination. There are no combat, no jump scare, no monsters or ghosts but it still can make your hair stand on end thanks to its tense atmosphere and authentic sound. Flickering light, messy rooms, sounds from somewhere are things from nightmares. Moreover, the VHS graphic style makes the game look more real and terrifying.

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Take note of the changes to discover the unsettling truth

Before September 1999, 98DEMAKE made a good impression with the game OK/NORMAL. OK/NORMAL is an arcade game which is inspired by the visual of PlayStation 1 games. The gameplay is very: guide your character to get out of the maze. The thing that makes it special is the graphic, which is disturbing and creepy.  However, in term of obsession, September 1999 is the winner.

September 1999 makes people remember Paratopic or 2012’s Thirty Flights of Loving. All of them are first-person horror video games that want players to find out the changes in each scene. Therefore, if you like the September 1999’s gameplay, you should give Paratopic and 2012’s Thirty Flights of Loving a try.

It is not fun to reveal everything about the game. It is just a 5-minute-and-30-second game anyway. So, if you are curious about this game, you should experience it by yourself. Remember to take note of the changes. Who knows, they might be important clues to know what really happened inside that house.