The developer Killmonday Games AB is very excited to announce their new horror-adventure title: Little Misfortune. In this game, you'll have to protect the little girl's positive innocent mind against a series of bad lucks and horrifying creatures.

Down here is the trailer of the game with cute visuals. You can plug in your headphone and enjoy the story of the game:

About the story of Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune tells the story of an 8-year-old girl - Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez. I don't know what her parents have though when they name her, but it has probably resulted in her later dates. Nevertheless, the girl somehow heard a weird voice inside her head - Mr. Voice - which suggests her to join his game. He describes it as the game doesn't have any rights and wrongs, but only consequences.

Little Misfortune Tells The Touching Story Of An U
Mr. Voice has lured the girl in his game

Now, Misfortune will embark on her journey away from her home to join the game. She wants to get the prize of Eternal Happiness for her mom - who, from the trailer - have a sad-looking face and smokes cigarettes. The innocent soul will bring her bright aura to the journey, facing a lot of terrible creatures and unlucky events.

Little Misfortune Tells The Touching Story Of An U
The bright girl will bring her innocent hearts onto this journey

Can she finally win the game? Is she able to get the final prize for her mom with her positive attitudes unharmed?

Gameplay features

According to the developer, Little Misfortune is a side-scrolling adventure game with a lot of puzzles. To be more specific, players will step in the shoes the poor little girl, with the guide of her new friend - Mr. Voice on her first adventure.

The game takes the theme from the folks behind Fran Bow, so you will encounter a lot of gross stuff on the way. However, the power of innocent of the 8-year-old girl will help get you through them, which will make you burst out your "Awww!" a lot. In the world full of horror and monstrosity, you'll have to keep her mind away from all those dark elements.

Little Misfortune Tells The Touching Story Of An U
The cute girl has a very different explanation toward the eerie things she sees

The game features some brilliant puzzles, with which you'll need the limitless imagination of a young little girl to get through. Little Misfortune will remind you about all the positive attitudes we used to have in our childhood but lost when we grew up. Maybe after playing the game, you can feel your heart healed for a little.

Little Misfortune Tells The Touching Story Of An U
It's the journey of heart-healing

And even though you're suffering from this madness, it's vital to take time to pet the animals as well. The imagination of the girl allows her to be friends with mostly any kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, and even krakens. Some pettings always help soften the atmosphere and light up our day.

Little Misfortune Tells The Touching Story Of An U
Make friends with a lot of animals on the way

Out now with a discount

Little Misfortune has come out for PC yesterday on Steam. And to celebrate this initial launch, the developer Killmonday Games AB is running a 10% discount, which cuts the price down to only $17.99. However, this sale is only available for loyal users - who had purchased the previous game from the developer - Fran Bow.

Little Misfortune Tells The Touching Story Of An U
Little Misfortune is out now on Steam, GOG and Humble Store

If you're hesitating about purchasing Little Misfortune, there's a free demo which gives you a brief experience on this adventure. You can try it forehands, and decide to buy the game later.

Little Misfortune is now available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.