Insomniac's Spider-Man 2018 for the PS4 was widely acknowledged as one of the biggest ever exclusives on the console and one of the best superheroes video games ever made. Considering the game's financial success, it is pretty much a given that a sequel is on the works. After a secret meeting of Insomniac took place on Apr 17, a massive new leak has been revealed, shedding a light into what the game would bring to the table.

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Spider-Man 2018 was one of Sony's flagship title for the PS4 Pro

Like every other video game leaks, fans should take this with a grain of salt. According to the leaker, the main story of Spider-Man 2 would be about the Venom Symbiote and its creation at an OsCorp lab. It would initially be bonded with Harry Osborne to cure his terminal illness before fusing with Peter Parker to give his classic Black Suit from the movie and comics. Players would be able to swap into the Symbiote Suit whenever they want, and each suit available in-game would have their own Black Version.

Venom's classic design from the comic

A lot of classic and modern Spider-Man suits would be available in-game, including the advanced Avenger suit and the Sam Raimi 2002 version. The symbiote suits would also change how Spider-Man's combat works, enabling a more aggressive set of moves. The symbiote would also have a separate skill tree for the player to level up.

Classic Black Suit Spider-Man

The open world of Spider-Man 2 would have dynamic weather and misc missions that change based on the state of the map. Side quests would be bigger than the previous game - includes cameos from various Marvel Universe characters like Daredevil, Human Torch or Mysterio. There would be gameplay sections in which you can play as Miles Morales, the alternate Spider-Man as well. The interview allegedly ended with 3 DLC packs based on Morbius, Carnage, and Wraith.

Spider-Man 2 release window is said to be December 2021, as a PS5 exclusive. It is set to be revealed in late August this year. Interested in more of our posts related to video games? Please check out this article for the most influential games released in the last decade.