As 2019 continues to go by, we're getting more fantastic titles to play across all major platforms. And since we are really close to E3 2019, it’s so exciting to see even more to come. As for now, there are some game releases alongside unique indie experience that would keep you busy while waiting.

Take Rage 2 as a perfect example. A surprise release of Rage 2, an open-world shooter title from Avalanche Studios & ID Software will definitely amaze you. Not to mention games like Total War: Three Kingdoms or Team Sonic Racing. One as a newest entry into the Sonic kart racing legacy, while the other is a highly-anticipated title into the Total War series.

For Switch players, a version of classic Assassin's Creed is coming, alongside the appearance of all Resident Evil games. Without further ado, here’s some of the best game releases this month, May 2019.

Rage 2: May 14 (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)

Rage 2 is the most surprising name to appear among the May releases. The game is in charge by both Id Software as well as Avalanche Studios. Avalanche Studios has many years of experience in crafting chaotic open world, in addition to special effects and vehicle combat as their specialty. At the same time, Id Software made a name for themselves for fantastic work in making first-person shooters.

Team Sonic Racing: May 21 (PC, PS4, Switch & Xbox One)

This is the third sequel in the ultimate series of Sonic kart racing. For this title, the developers focus on its cooperative play aspect. That being said, you need to work as a team and share power-ups to win races.

Total War: Three Kingdoms: May 23 (PC)

From Sega & Creative Assembly, Total War: Three Kingdoms is returning this month. The game will take you back to the past, through quintessential historical conflict that you saw in popular games and films. Total War: Three Kingdoms featuring two game modes, Romance and Classic. The former will base on supernatural character tropes from classic novels. On the other hand, the latter will focus on realistic warfare, which is similar to previous entries of the Total War series.