AI is taking a lot of aspects in our world nowadays since it can give out quite accurate analysis and predictions based on the data provided. We have seen AI claiming victories over pro gamers, but that’s not everything. Just recently, – A game coaching company based on AI – released the results of a survey, which have a lot of interesting facts. One of the interesting facts is that female gamers can improve their skills much better than male gamers in Dota2.

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Male gamers responded a slower improve speed in Dota2 is a game coaching company that used an AI to perform the work (basically a digital game coach). It offers coaching services for three games: Dota2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The service of this company will train players with games’ strategies: items suggestions, playstyle suggestions …

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This survey has gathered answers from 5000 Dota2 gamers. The set of questions of this survey is to discover factors that affect the player’s performance of the game. The people who took part in the survey all use the service of, and all of them improve substantially. But women gamers of Dota2 who answered the survey (4% of the total people) responded with the 44% higher win rate (compared to average %) after using the service of the company.

This is an increasingly fascinating fact found out by the survey. But the survey managed to discover more. Apparently, how fast or slow your in-game skills improve also based on these factors:

The more skillful your foreign languages are, the slower your in-game skills improve.

If you have a wife, you will improve your skills slower by a half

If you don’t have a university degree, or don’t travel, or don’t have a full-time job, you will improve faster

But if you travel a lot, you will also improve your skills faster.

Your spending habit will not affect the speed of your skills growing, including spending on games, gaming devices and in-game items.

Being a rich gamer does not mean you will play well