The next Xbox console will still have a reptile-themed code name like its predecessor, Microsoft confirmed today. Continuing the trend of naming, with the original Xbox One was codenamed Durango, and the Xbox One X took the arachnid-themed Scorpio codename, the next generation of Xbox will be called Anaconda. The new Xbox is expected to be released in 2020, and the name was revealed by Windows Central.

Xbox One X

According to this new report, Microsoft is going to release two new consoles, as part of its overall “Scarlett” next-generation Xbox plans. The Xbox with code name Anaconda will be the equivalent of the current Xbox One X, with improved hardware and processors/graphics from AMD. Along with that, there are rumors about an SSD storage to reduce game load times for the console system. The second console, codenamed Lockhart, is the cheaper Xbox version, like the Xbox One S. As a plus, both of these consoles will fully support existing backward compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 games, and of course Xbox One titles.

Xbox One X Sexy Close Up

Along with the rumors about the two next-generation Xbox consoles, there is even news of Microsoft preparing a disc-less version of the Xbox One S for 2019. According to insider information, Microsoft will announce the console on January 2019, and the console will be released to the market during spring. Along with the new console is a disc-to-digital program that will convert physical disc libraries into digital ones. This feature was originally planned for the launch of the Xbox One, but the company canceled it after the controversial always-online requirements and disc sharing concerns.

Microsoft’s next consoles will also include a big focus on the company’s xCloud game streaming service. Microsoft is planning to open up public trials of the service next year, and it will make Xbox games available across PCs, phones, and consoles.