The famous graphics card producer Nvidia has just announced that its customers can now order the new line of laptops featuring this company’s new line of graphics cards. This new line of laptops will feature the GTX 1660 Ti graphics card or the new and cheaper GTX 1650 graphics card.

New powerful laptops with Nvidia cards are coming

The lowest price for the laptops with GTX 1650 is $799 dollar (more than 0,55 lakhs), while the lowest price for laptops with GTX 1660 Ti is $999 dollar (nearly 0,7 lakhs). You can also buy the GTX 1650 graphics card for PC now, with the price of $149 dollar (more than 0,1 lakh). This is currently the cheapest graphics card by Nvidia at the moment.

Tested performance results of the 2 new laptop models with new GTX cards

There will be more than 80 models of laptop featuring the GTX 16-series graphics card of Nvidia released this month. These laptop models will be from famous producers like Acer, Dell, and MSI.

These powerful laptops will be aimed for customers who intend to use their laptops for more than 4 years. A lot of old laptop models only feature the GTX 960M or weaker graphics cards. But the GTX 1660 Ti is four time stronger than the GTX 960M, and the GTX 1650 is two and a half than the GTX 950M. Still, only RTX graphics cards of Nvidia support ray tracing (new technology to show light and shadow more realistic in games)

Comparison of laptops and desktops using Nvidia GTX 16-series cards

The laptops with GTX 1650 are good choices for gamers with a tight budget, but Mark Aevermann himself confirmed that GTX 1650 will not support VR.