It was illustrated by Nintendo that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will hit the Switch on the day of 26th, July as they agreed that the game requires slightly more time to be completed. At first, it had been planned to release in the spring.


The scenario is depicted in Fodlan, where people are immense under control of Church of Seiros exerts

The most recent in a long line of strategic role-playing games, you will play in the role of a mercenary in Three Houses, which happens in a kingdom that is separated into three states. You will finish your tasks at the glorious Officer's Academy.

There will be three houses – each of them integrated into one of the states mentioned before. You will join one of those houses and be responsible for a set of students who go behind you into battle in order to acquire experience.

You are expected to both enter various missions all over the land and keep an eye on your students in order that they could boost their techniques and build up connections that will assist them on the battlefield.


Three houses. Three territories. Can’t wait for our journey.

On the other side, with the fact that the headquarters of Nintendo Life is located in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, it is highly entertaining that Leicester Alliance is one of the nations that appear in the game (we do hope we have nothing to do with the building society that no longer exists).

Besides, Nintendo Direct also promised to bring this series’ fans a special edition. The Seasons of Warfare Edition consists of an artbook, calendar of 2020, soundtrack collection CD, and the last but not least – a steel book case.

If it could improve the quality of the game, we can slightly delay the time to release the game. Everything could even have become worse.