Every Friday, players are happy since its time to claim free games on Epic Games Store. This week is true mayhem with Nuclear Throne and Ruiner both coming on the free shelf, providing you a weekend full of shooters.

And while you're probably still stuck with Red Dead Redemption's error message, let's see what is good with this week's free game.

About Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne is a roguelike top-down shooter that will put you into the memories of the good-old NES games. Below is the launch trailer of the game back in 2015, and you can have a quick look at it before learning about its story:

Nuclear Throne takes the concept of a post-apocalyptic world, but not the kind of the last hero of humankind. Instead, the human race has gone extinct, and there are only mutant creatures and monsters reign over this world now.

And those creatures live much more exciting than we do. Their daily jobs are to fight and shoot all day to the glorious throne in the middle of this chaos, and become the greatest ruler of the Wasteland. Each monster has its own advantages with its special passive and active skills, and they can become stronger by changing their parts with radioactive waste.

Nuclear Throne And Ruiner Free Epic Games Store 4
The monster and mutant creatures fight every day for the throne

Through this evolving progress, they can enhance their firepower and upgrade their skills as well. Can you reach the Nuclear Throne?

About the gameplay, you can take control of one in 12 monsters, and get through 7 main levels, varying from many landscapes such as desert, modern city and secret basement. Each level has a lot of secrets place, which is rich in radioactive waste, allowing to mutate your character even more. To be more specific, there are nearly 30 ways you can make your character stronger by upgrading your limbs.

Nuclear Throne And Ruiner Free Epic Games Store 5
The levels in Nuclear Throne varies in many landscapes

You can also get more powerful by picking over 120 kinds of weapons on your way, adding more power to your gunfire. The guns range from the rapid machine-gun to the destructive but slow shotgun, and you can even grab an ion cannon if you're lucky. Together with the upbeat music, Nuclear Throne definitely worth a try this weekend, especially since it's free now.

Nuclear Throne And Ruiner Free Epic Games Store 6
The ion cannon is very powerful, but not easy to get!

About Ruiner

Ruiner is another shooting game but in different settings. Specifically, you'll embark on a journey in 2091 in a cybercity Rengkok. Taking control of a robotic psychopath, you'll turn over the corrupted system to save your brother and discover the truth behind this city. You're not alone in this game, as a reticent hacker will help you with your adventure.

Nuclear Throne And Ruiner Free Epic Games Store 2
The wired dude has become crazy!

You can have a look at the brutality in this Cyberpunk-themed city here:

If you're really interested in the way the protagonist explodes his enemies' head with his electric arm, here's the overview on the gameplay features of Ruiner for you. Take control of the protagonist from the top-down perspective, you'll have to use your quick reflexes, dodging skills and the advanced weapons in your arsenal to tear your enemies apart.

The fight in Ruiner is not always about shooting, but about melee-fighting as well. In fact, its encourage you to rely more on your augmented tools to change the outcomes of the whole battles. For example, you can dash very quick to avoid gunfire or slow down the time to get behind the enemies for a deadly stab.

Nuclear Throne And Ruiner Free Epic Games Store 1
Use your reflexes to dodge gunfire and shoot them back!

The combats in Ruiner is very satisfying, and you can already tell this through its creators. Reikon Games consists of 4 veteran creators that used to work with the Witcher, the Dying Light series and Dead Island as well. To remind you, this game is quite hard, and the intense battle beats will be perfect to raise your adrenaline level up to the sky!

Nuclear Throne And Ruiner Free Epic Games Store 3
From the former creators of the Witcher series

Both Ruiner and Nuclear Throne is now available for free on Epic Games Store now, which you can add to your library now, and download them at any time later.

Enjoy your weekend!