PC is still the most prominent gaming platform preferred by developers, even its preference over mobile and consoles is also increasing, as indicated by the Game Developers Conference after surveying almost 4 thousand developers.

A report figured out that among all respondents, 56% said PC is where they released their newest game. Notably, this is the first time this number surpasses 50%. The second preferred platform is mobile with 38% of respondents.

In terms of the current games which they are working on, 62% or nearly 2/3 said PC is still the choice for their games. While in the meantime, this figure for mobile devices is 35%. Consoles only hit 32% with the most beloved one is PS4.

60% of respondents claimed that they were most interested in developing on PC at the time while about 45% said it was Nintendo Switch.

Steam is still the most preferred game store by developers.

The study likewise uncovered the reaction of developers towards the largest PC game stores, for example, Steam, GOG, and Epic Store. Only 6% of designers concurred that the 30% commission for Steam is worth it, while the other 17% said maybe. Another 17% claimed they had no clue, and 32% thought the commission was not justified, which was the biggest gathering of respondents. Another 27% said it "most likely" did not deserve the commission.

Be that as it may, Steam is still the most famous PC game store, with reportedly 47% of respondents putting their games on it for sale. Another 26% sold their game directly on their own websites. In the meantime, itch.io, the Humble Store and GOG were each utilized by under 20% of asked developers.

The study also found out many interesting facts about developers such as their preference for VR, loot boxes and work intensity, about half of respondents said they were working +40 hours per week. The report is available free for everyone right here if you are interested in it.