Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, widely known as PewDiePie, is a popular Sweden Youtuber, composer, gamer, game commentator, and also a comedian. His YouTube Channel is getting great success with over 102 million subscribers. This number is still rising every day. Recently, the YouTube king PewDiePie revealed about what he had planned to do in case his YouTube channel died. Check out PewDiePie’s backup plan below.

PewDiePie has a great number of fans and followers. Before pursuing a job in entertainment, PewDiePie was studying Economics at the university. He also shared about his past when he was working for a hotdog stand to earn for living and started his channel. The YouTube king also shared that he once applied to Minecraft dev Mojang.

Youtuber Pewdiepie
Youtuber PewDiePie

Moreover, in the latest video, Felix unveiled his plan if his YouTube Channel didn’t pan out. He also criticized the “entitled” behavior of 'Generation-Z'. Felix hoped their parents to let them paddle their own canoe.

Youtuber PewDiePie’s Backup Plan

PewDiePie said that he realized what he’s learning at the university wasn’t what he really loved and wanted to do. He didn’t want to continue his education even though he had a decent degree and decided to pursue this career. He got a job to pay his expenses so that he wouldn’t depend on his parents anymore. This was his decision and he would take responsibility for it.

He told his audience that he spent one year on his YouTube channel. If his channel died, Felix said he would have just come back to school once again. However, he made a great success with the nickname PewDiePie, high-quality videos, good contents, and a professional working attitude.

Pewdiepie Got Success In Youtube Career
PewDiePie Got Success in YouTube career

Moreover, in his video, PewDiePie also aimed at Zoomers for their entitled behavior. Felix criticized these kids for depending on their parents too much. The senior also explained to them why being obsessing with the idea of being famous is useless.

Youtuber PewDiePie’s Success This Year

PewDiePie continues his success with 100 million subscriber milestone marked on August 14. It was five days before his wedding with his best friend Marzia 'CutiePie' Bisognin on the 19th. After the wedding, they moved to Japan in October.  

Youtuber Pewdiepie Marries His Best Friend
Youtuber Pewdiepie Marries His Best Friend CutiePie

The famous YouTuber made a successful comeback to game streaming in June with Minecraft series and interesting reaction videos. PewDiePie’s fans now can strongly believe that the YouTube king they love hasn’t given up making interesting videos.