The brand new action game named Astral Chain, which is depicted as a battle among polices from special forces unit and monster in a multi-cultural futuristic city was revealed by Bayonetta series’ creator during Nintendo Direct.


Astral Chain’s debuted still cut

In term of the content in its trailer, players take the role as anime police. This character is in charge of a mission to defeat giants together with a mecha friend. Holographic interfaces, which tends to be predictive, can be pulled up to depict the story happened to characters in the game. Astral Chain’s director is Nier Automata’s designer, Takahisa Taura while supervising role goes to Okami, Bayonetta’s director - Hideki Kamiya. It’s definitely an anime-inspired action game for you in this season.

Let’s meet Legion, the highlighted weapon in the game. It is called as a “special living weapon” which can transfer back and forth among massive styles of combat. Those will consist of several items like astral-ish chain also.

According to the description: “You could both attack the same enemy simultaneously, target different opponents, or send your Legion on the offensive while you support it with items,”

However, until the game officially released, it is not clear whether your enemies are aliens or maybe giant monsters though.

“In the Ark, a multi-cultural city in the near future, disaster strikes when gates to another dimension suddenly appear! Dangerous creatures begin to emerge, attacking the people and polluting the land, and normal police forces are unable to compete with them. To stand up against these threats, a brand new, special police unit is known as Neuron is formed.”

Another feature is that there are two characters for players (one female and one male) to act and no matter who you choose, the left will be your twin and go along with you in the whole match.


The twin is suited up in police uniforms and performs really high-intensity, fast-paced action

As announced, the Astral Chain will be on air by the end of August. Oh, don’t miss a fun fact, by the way, Yoko Taro - Nier Automata’s director shared the nickname of Takahisa Taura - Astral Chain’s director, which is “USB” in short. Yeah, it’s definitely your daily USB yet it refers to “Ultimate Sex Beast.” Thinking that it is a joke? No, keep it in mind as a crucial idea.