According to some keen-eye (and ears?) players, there is a hidden cryptic message within the new Danger Zone mode of CS:GO. This hidden message is about Portal, and some people believe it to be the start of a new Alternate Reality Game from Valve, similar to the one that led to the announcement of Portal 2.

At the eastern edge of the Danger Zone map, Black Site, you'll find four numbered rooms. Room number three is boarded up, but you can get into it by going through room two. Inside, there's a bank of computers and a strange broadcast message containing a string of words and numbers. Those that first found it suspected it was a code deliberately put there by Valve. And it only takes a while for players to crack that code.

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One of the first players to solve the code is Reddit user "GetSomeGyros." The result of the cryptic code is: "This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS."

Sound familiar, right? Because that's the opening line of the famous Portal song: Still Alive.

What does that cryptic code mean? Nobody knows, for now, but fans are hoping it's the start of a new Portal-related ARG. The announcement of Portal 2 was preceded by an ARG in which Valve hid clues within radios in the first Portal game—to uncover the clues, players had to carry the radios to a specific point in the map. We'll have to wait and see whether this is something similar or just an Easter egg.

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Another Reddit user, named birkir, has outlined other possible oddities in Danger Zone's map, including strange logos, signs, and security cameras. Of course, players will continue digging into what it all means, and there is no stopping them.

So let's wait and see what can the community uncover?