PUBG’s devs have just announced that they will be postponing the Chinese qualifiers over fears related to the coronavirus. The game would join the long list of delayed tournaments, along with Riot Games’ Pacific Champion League and Blizzard’s Overwatch League.

The tweet from official PUBG esports' Twitter handle

While this year’s Global Series of PUBG has only confirmed Berlin for its first events, it is expected that they would hold an event in China, as about a fifth of the game’s player base is Chinese. As this virus has spread and infects every single region in the country, it is not possible or even illegal to hold a public event.

The Chinese PUBG publisher has been helping the relief effort by donating money for face masks and encourage citizens to use WeChat to inquire about local fewer clinics.

About PUBG Global Series

This would be the first of the three biggest PUBG events of the year

Each event of PGS would contain 28 teams that were picked from various regional qualifiers and the top 4 of the previous tournament. Afterward, the first 28 teams would have to compete in a semi qualifier to thin down the lineup to 16 – these teams, along with the top 4 from last year, would compete in the grand finals.

To join the 2020 PUBG World Champion, teams would have to accumulate enough points from all three PGS events to be in the top 12. The last four slots would belong to the top 4 of the third PGS event, the one nearest to the PGC.

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The Asia Pacific qualifier was moved to Berlin

PGS: Berlin would last for nine days, with qualifying matches begin on March 31 and last until April 5. Afterward, the Grand Finals would be held from April 10 to 12.

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