With how popular PUBG is around the world right now, many gamers have made a living out of streaming the game on Twitch. So, during your matches, have you ever stopped to wonder if the person you are killing (or more likely is killing you) is a popular streamer? How did they react? What did their viewers say in Twitch chat? Did you just do something silly in front of a streamer, and in turn thousands of their fans?

Wacky Jacky
WackyJacky, a popular PUBG streamer

Well, now you will be able to answer all those questions, as a PUBG community developer has created an app that shows kills recorded on camera during streams.

The app, titled PUBG Report, connects kills to Twitch streams by using in-game data. This is possible thanks to PUBG API, an official service that allows developers to use post-match game data to make websites and tools.

So, how does this app work?

All this might sound technical and complicated, but the actual process is surprisingly straightforward: You simply open PUBG Report, insert your in-game name, and after a brief search it will show how many streamers you've killed (or got killed by) within the past 2 weeks. You can even see footage of the exact moment that the kill happens from either player’s perspective by clicking on one of the reports (and enduring through a couple of Twitch ads).

Pubg Report List
PUBG Report allows you to easily see if you have killed or be killed by a streamer

As interesting as it is, the app does have a few drawbacks. For example, right now it only works for PC players. But rest assured, the developer already has plans to add console data in the near future

Another complaint is, as mentioned above, PUBG API only stores data for matches that happened within the past 14 days. So, if you have a proud moment where you manage to take down a popular Twitch streamer or even a pro player, be sure to quickly save it before it is lost.

Pubg Report
You can see the kill from either player's perspective

Of course, it’s not that often that you can encounter a streamer in your game, but if you ever do, PUBG Report will tell you exactly when and where, as well as show you their exact reaction at that moment.