Unlike other multiplayer competitive games such as Starcraft 2, DOTA 2, League of Legends, battle royale games have a lot of players in one match, up to 100 players. Players were matched with each other at random with no matchmaking system.

This fact causes a big problem in-game that ruin the playing experience of many players as the skill gap between players in the same match is vary. If you are lucky, you will be playing with new players who will just run into your gun and die. Otherwise, sometimes you get killed by a player spraying you down from 100 meters away from spots you never knew before.

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The skill gap between players in a match is high

As a result, the game sometimes seems to be too easy which might be fun for a while. But most of the time, if you are just a casual player who only plays 10 hours per week, you stand no chance against other players who run across the battlefield every day for hours. PUBG implemented a feature Survivor Point to match players with almost the same number of play hours together, but it is still not good enough.

Survival System 2
The Survivor Points system is not a good method to match players

Yesterday, PUBG Corporation has announced that they are going to test skill-based matchmaking in PUBG in North America region to see how it will affect playing experience. This test will only last from October 1 to October 3. The skill level of each player will be determined by various factors and statistics.

The game sometimes seems to be too easy for experienced players

They also encourage players to send feedback to further improve the system and implement it in the future. The developer will evaluate several areas including gameplay experience, queue times and other key metrics to see how it affects players. Note that players might experience longer queue time in this test.