Christmas is coming, and of course, PUBG will not miss out all the fun of the festive season.

Officially announced from The Game Awards 2018, the hit battle royale game will get a snow-themed map named Vikendi. This is the first 6x6 map of PUBG, which features a new snow-mobile vehicle, a new G36C assault rifle, along with a brand new "footprint" mechanic.

You can see the announcement trailer of Vikendi on the video below:

The size of the new map is 6x6, which is the in-between of Sanhok and Erangel. Vikendi is already available on the Test server of PUBG and will be updated to the main game on 19th December. The PS4 and Xbox One version will receive this map a month later, in late January.

Meanwhile, the new "footprint" mechanic brings to PUBG the ability to leave footprints in the snow. Because of that, you can base on the trails left behind by enemies to chase after them; or adjust the approaching tactics. Of course, enemies can take advantages of your footprints, too, so consider that before taking action.

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The new map will also feature a dinosaur-themed amusement park, a rusty cosmodrome and two new cities built for urban combat. Along with that is a dense forest to get to grips with, as well as a frozen river.

Tomorrow will also mark the date of PUBG's PS4 version official release. A few days ago, Sony has recently made the PS4 version of PUBG available for pre-order in the PS Store. In the listing, besides the base game that costs $30 (about Rs. 2,100), users can opt for a Survivor's Digital Edition, which offers the base game, the Vikendi Event Pass, 20,000 BP, and 2,300 G-Coin Pack, for $50 (about Rs. 3,500). There is also Champion's Digital Edition, which costs $10 (about Rs 700) more than the Survivor's Edition but adds an extra 3.700 G-Coin. Pre-ordering the PS4 version will also give you several bonuses, including skins from other PS4 games such as Uncharted and The Last of Us.