Being one of the very first maps since the release of PUBG and was the memory that introduces many to the battle royale genre - Erangel will receive it remastered version soon. This has been confirmed by Bluehole.

PUBG's Erangel - outdated or still iconic?

Just like the Bluehole have described, Erangel in PUBG is something that carries the core of PUBG game but also make us feel that it is too old now.

In the memories of many PUBG players, Erangel remains as one of the best maps in their memory. This whole circumstance put Bluehole in a predicament as the description is very vague. In the same time, they also have to consider the not changing the game too much to preserve the core experience of this historical map.

Pubg Will Work To Remaster The Small Yet Important
Erangel, a classic map

The developers are fully aware of those sentiments from the fan. Back in March 2018, they have tested it out but put some elements into Erangel on the PUBG server. This whole thing was kinda controversial back then because fans don't support changes here and there in their familiar map. Bluehole has reversed those tweaks because of that.

So instead of changing the map too much, I think that's better if they could just go with altering the spawn rate of the items.

Rebalance the loot balance in Erangel

According to the public letter that Bluehole has sent to PUBG players, they said that they have addressed the feedback and concerns of players about the map - Erangel.

They must also take into the fact that the playing style of many PUBG players has changed a lot since the release of Erangel. It is quite clear that the design of available loot across the map is not sufficient.

Pubg Will Work To Remaster The Small Yet Important
Item spawn rate

If we took Erangel into comparison with the smaller map Sanhok, Erangel is a much more frustrating map for the player to play because usually, you will have to search several buildings before finding a good weapon.

We have information that they are working to increase the availability of weapons by 10% or 20%. As Bluehole has stated, this is only their first step in their plan to remaster Erangel.