Any small details, when goes into Reddit users' hands, will become a wealth of data. That goes without saying when talking about Reddit, and earlier this week, the "My PS4 Life” videos Sony offering to PS4 players have become insight about the player counts of PS4 games.

Those My PS4 Life videos is the same kind of those little “Year in Review” videos Facebook offers its users every year. On the video, players were told how many players had earned the rarest trophies on the PS4 games library. The video is considered a nice way of giving the player a smug sense of superiority over the rest of the community, and probably make people feel good for a while, I guess?


However, that’s not the only data Sony provides on the rarity of their trophies. When you visit your trophy list on the PlayStation Network, it’ll give you a percentage of the number of players who have unlocked the same trophies. And when combined with the video, you can just do a simple mathematical formula to determine how many players have played the game in total.

When all the math is done, the final result kept track of on a website called Gamstat. According to the result from Reddit, Grand Theft Auto V tops the list with 51.7 million players. Follow-ups are 3 most recent versions of FIFA, which are FIFA 2018, FIFA 2017, and FIFA 2016, all with more than 28.5 million players.

You can see the top 10 list on the image below:

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Of course, those numbers above are only estimated.

Also, the only way to arrive at these figures is to have a video with the necessary information on a rare trophy — and for smaller games, that possibility is even smaller than popular ones. Some regions may also have different trophy lists for the same games.

Because of all that, the list above shouldn’t be taken as an ironclad indicator of the PS4‘s player count numbers. However, I think it’s still a cool peek behind the curtain.