Developer New Blood Interactive has recently announced that their retro-style FPS game Dusk will get a full release on December 10, after almost a year in Early Access on Steam. At launch, the game will have a discounted price of $16.66. However, if you already paid the full price of $20 for it before Halloween, you can still rest assured. To make up for the price difference, you will get access to the third – the final – episode of the game one week in advance. In addition, you will receive the Dusk digital graphic novel as well.

Dusk Release Date Announcement

Dusk is a retro-style first-person shooter game that draws inspiration from the classic games in the genre such as Quake and Doom. It employs a fast-paced combat style with an arsenal of badass and powerful weapons such as sickles, swords, rifles, crossbows, even dual shotguns and rocket launchers. The art style also helps instill a feeling of nostalgia in the hearts of players as well.

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Nostalgic art style

In term of level design, Dusk does a really good job too. In old-school games like Quake or Doom, more often than not the only way for you to keep track of where you are is to see if a room has any enemies or ammo left in it. Dusk, on the other hand, is filled with notable landmarks that are very easy to remember. In a sense, the game creates spaces that you can easily recognize, so that you can use them to determine your location.

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Plenty of weapons including dual shotguns

Moreover, the levels are full of secrets. There will be times when you hack and slash and shoot your way pass hordes of ferocious enemies in caves and cellars, through underground tunnels, thinking that you are nearing the end of the level, only to find yourself right back at the beginning. Not only that, there are also tons of fake walls or barriers that you can destroy to uncover secret paths, or switches that are hidden out of sight.

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Tons of secrets to discover

Since its Early Access launch, Dusk has attracted a lot of attention from old-school FPS fans. Now, with the full release coming, there are no doubt plenty of things to be excited about.