Developer Maschinen-Mensch has announced that The Curious Expedition, its incredibly entertaining roguelike adventure game, is getting a follow-up. Not only that, but the original is coming to consoles within this year as well.

The Curious Expedition came out in 2016 and had players follow the footsteps of several explorers in the late 19th century as they discovered the treasures of yore.

The Curious Expedition Release Trailer

Before each expedition, you have to prepare supplies and gather a party. Then, upon arriving at your destination (which the game procedurally generates for you), your task is to carefully manage your limited resources as you traverse the ancient ruins and overcome various threats and challenges.

When you reach certain points in the game, such as when you discover a new landmark or arrive at a camp, you will be presented some flavor text and must make some choices, which will lead to different outcomes. These could range from getting a bonus to your supplies to causing terrible harm, or even disturbing supernatural forces that lead to the map being covered in lava, so choose carefully. And don’t forget that you’ll have to manage your hunger, reputation, and sanity on top of all that too.

The Curious Expedition
Explore ancient temples

Based on the announcement made by the developer, The Curious Expedition 2 will follow a similar formula, but there will be deeper mechanics in term of travel and combat to allow you to customize your personal playstyle. There’re promises of multiplayer as well. Furthermore, the sequel is going to feature an “HD graphic novel" atmosphere instead of the pixel-based art style of the original.

The Curious Expedition 2 is expected to come to Steam Early Access within this year. Meanwhile, Maschinen-Mensch has also confirmed that the first game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019. The specific release date of this console port is still currently unclear.