In the video, BSoD Gaming showed that this emulator was able to play Super Mario Odyssey, but it also confirmed that Yuzu could not give the performance levels like a Nintendo Switch, with an overclocked i7-8700K and a GTX 1080 Ti offering framerates that were around 40 FPS. Super Mario Odyssey runs with a 60 FPS on target to Switch. Although Yuzu discounted the emulator's graphical bugs, it is not fast enough to replace a Switch now.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Mario Odyssey Is Already Playable In An Emulator

There are still some graphical glitches here and there, but the fact that the emulator can run one of the biggest Nintendo Switch releases is impressive. This an insane amount of progress for an emulator which is less than a year old.

This is a weird place to be in. There has a lot of emulation work that occurs in a difficult legal area, but most folk can generally tolerate it because the systems and games they’re emulating are tough and old. It’s hard (or even impossible) to find digitally.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Mario Odyssey Is Already Playable In An EmulatorYuzu still is emulating a current system, with several commercially successful games. That’s not an easy sell.

Currently, Yuzu provides support for both Amiibo and DLC, both of them are major steps towards offering the Switch experience replacement on the PC platform.